Hello World

I know that I haven’t been to active lately, but I’m try to find a job as PHP developer. I want to develop an application that can be used to manage task for your employees. Right now is just an ideea and some lines of codes, but in the future maybe is gonna be something usefull for some people.

Recently I took some IKM tests (International Testing Measurement). I did ok, but i thought that the test were pretty ok and very well structured. Also I went to an job interview and took a test there that was very easy, but i was kind of slow and didn’t manage to finish it. I hope that the guys from were I did the interview will accept me in the team.

The week started pretty well, with an training from Apple, with an incredible instructor (Andrei). It was an Ipad workshop, but i wasn’t about the Ipad. It was about how can you take photos with the Ipad and the photos to look good, like they were made with a professional camera. And there was something about the Ipad, how can you put those photos on your tv…but who cared about that (everybody knows about the apple tv). Hope for a wonderful week.

That’s what I did lately, but for the future you will see more activity from me on this blog. If you like it, tell your friends about it, comment on what you like and don’t like so I’ll know how to improve it.

P.S. This is the big 10 .  Let’s see how far we can go.

See you soon. N.D.


The Job II

I told you before my job. This is part 2. A discussion with one of my client made me do this.
I will make it like a short story, so I don’t bore you too much.

At the store it was one of those day’s when the clients kept on coming. We started to be exhausted so Vali (one of our colleague) took a short break. I was with Cristina in the store. We usually are in the store and one at service. Around 6.30 I saw him entering the store. How he looked it doesn’t matter, but he was in his early 40, normal height and normal constitution.

(ME ) Hello.

(Customer ) Hi. I have a question for you. Do you know about social networks?

(ME ) Yeah, I know a little bit.

(Customer ) Ok, I have to ask you something about facebook.

(Other Customers) Sorry, but do you have the usb cable for IPhone 5?

(ME) No, right now we don’t have it in stock.

(Other Customer) Thanks…

(Customer ) This customers have no shame. But..whatever..

My question was : “someone responded to one of my messages something like this : Thannnkkkkksssss and a big smiley face. What do you thing? The message was sent at 1 in the night and it said there that it was send from X”

(Me ) I don’t know, probably someone was thanking you for something.

(Customer) Do you think? I think it was something said at fun, to make fun of me. why did she write the message so long?

(Me ) I don’t know. This is here way to show you that she was excited by the message.

(Customer) Yeah? Do you think so? But what about that smiley face?

(Me) It’s just an emoticon…it show emotion through the internet.

(Customer) Do you think? But why it was so big?

(Me) That is how they look on facebook.

(Customer) Can you show me on one of this computers?

(Me) Ok…

And this discussion went on… It took me about 15 minutes to convince him that the message was serious. Why would you go to an IT guy to ask him about your discussion on facebook? I understand that you were left behind by tehnology, but don’t go and make a fool of yourself. Ask that person what she ment. The end of the discussion was:

(Me ) I think that you better ask her what she meant..

(Customer ) I think I will. But what will she think.. I don’t know if that’s a good ideea.

(Me) I don’t know. I’m a IT consultant…

(Customer ) Yeah…sure. Thanks for the help.( On a sarcastic tone) I took enough of your time.

He left like i was the jerk.

Sometimes, the people that come in out store amaze me. He kept telling me that he think that she was drunk whe she sent that message. I’m a IT consultant not a fucking love guru.

The Job

Because this is the first post that is going to tell you something about me, I’m going to start with were i work. A student has to pay his debts.

I’m  a IT consultant in a shop that is in Baneasa Shopping City in Bucharest. We sell all kind of stuff, from computers and phones to tablets routers and sound speakers.

The job isn’t that great because of the people that you interact with. This job made me realise that the people in this country are stupid and they buy stuff only beacause it’s considered cool. The products that we sell are design to look good and be easy to use, so that the americans can used it without any headache. Belive it or not, this people don’t know how to use them. It’s incredible. One day someone called to ask how to turn it off. The obvious question is : “Why did you buy it, if you don’t know what to do with it?”.

And belive it or not, that is not the worst part. The worst part is the road to work, because the people are so eager to come to the mall, that they come with and half an our before the mall’s opens. I understand that you want to buy stuff, but wait for the f**king mall to open. We (the people that are working in the mall) don’t have how to get in time at work because the bus is full with people that are coming to the mall to hang out, annoying teenagers and stincking old people. If you are old, why would you come to the mall? Make an 40 min road in a full bus with a incredible hot weather. I just can’t understand. The death is searching for them at home and they are shopping at the mall.


My country is incredible and so are the people that populate it.


Here is a photo from my working place before opening:Image

(ps: The people can’t enter the mall before it opens)