Hello World

I know that I haven’t been to active lately, but I’m try to find a job as PHP developer. I want to develop an application that can be used to manage task for your employees. Right now is just an ideea and some lines of codes, but in the future maybe is gonna be something usefull for some people.

Recently I took some IKM tests (International Testing Measurement). I did ok, but i thought that the test were pretty ok and very well structured. Also I went to an job interview and took a test there that was very easy, but i was kind of slow and didn’t manage to finish it. I hope that the guys from were I did the interview will accept me in the team.

The week started pretty well, with an training from Apple, with an incredible instructor (Andrei). It was an Ipad workshop, but i wasn’t about the Ipad. It was about how can you take photos with the Ipad and the photos to look good, like they were made with a professional camera. And there was something about the Ipad, how can you put those photos on your tv…but who cared about that (everybody knows about the apple tv). Hope for a wonderful week.

That’s what I did lately, but for the future you will see more activity from me on this blog. If you like it, tell your friends about it, comment on what you like and don’t like so I’ll know how to improve it.

P.S. This is the big 10 .  Let’s see how far we can go.

See you soon. N.D.


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