The Job II

I told you before my job. This is part 2. A discussion with one of my client made me do this.
I will make it like a short story, so I don’t bore you too much.

At the store it was one of those day’s when the clients kept on coming. We started to be exhausted so Vali (one of our colleague) took a short break. I was with Cristina in the store. We usually are in the store and one at service. Around 6.30 I saw him entering the store. How he looked it doesn’t matter, but he was in his early 40, normal height and normal constitution.

(ME ) Hello.

(Customer ) Hi. I have a question for you. Do you know about social networks?

(ME ) Yeah, I know a little bit.

(Customer ) Ok, I have to ask you something about facebook.

(Other Customers) Sorry, but do you have the usb cable for IPhone 5?

(ME) No, right now we don’t have it in stock.

(Other Customer) Thanks…

(Customer ) This customers have no shame. But..whatever..

My question was : “someone responded to one of my messages something like this : Thannnkkkkksssss and a big smiley face. What do you thing? The message was sent at 1 in the night and it said there that it was send from X”

(Me ) I don’t know, probably someone was thanking you for something.

(Customer) Do you think? I think it was something said at fun, to make fun of me. why did she write the message so long?

(Me ) I don’t know. This is here way to show you that she was excited by the message.

(Customer) Yeah? Do you think so? But what about that smiley face?

(Me) It’s just an emoticon…it show emotion through the internet.

(Customer) Do you think? But why it was so big?

(Me) That is how they look on facebook.

(Customer) Can you show me on one of this computers?

(Me) Ok…

And this discussion went on… It took me about 15 minutes to convince him that the message was serious. Why would you go to an IT guy to ask him about your discussion on facebook? I understand that you were left behind by tehnology, but don’t go and make a fool of yourself. Ask that person what she ment. The end of the discussion was:

(Me ) I think that you better ask her what she meant..

(Customer ) I think I will. But what will she think.. I don’t know if that’s a good ideea.

(Me) I don’t know. I’m a IT consultant…

(Customer ) Yeah…sure. Thanks for the help.( On a sarcastic tone) I took enough of your time.

He left like i was the jerk.

Sometimes, the people that come in out store amaze me. He kept telling me that he think that she was drunk whe she sent that message. I’m a IT consultant not a fucking love guru.


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