What did you do lately?

How are you?

I’m good too. Last night I went to a concert, mainly because a work mate’s band was playing. I wasn’t expecting to be that fun. The music was great. Space clinic  (the band that i was talking about) played in the beginning and got the show on the road (here is a song: http://youtu.be/OodAVVhX5n0).


At first there weren’t to many people, but as soon as the music started to come, even the kids had a good time. Soon the whole square was full of young and enthusiastic people. The amazing thing was that they have came just for the music. It’s true that this was a free concert and in was in the center of the city, but in doesn’t matter as long as the show was so good that even the homeless danced to the music.

After the Space Clinic it was ROA’s  turn to show us, the public, what they can do (a the ending song from them : http://youtu.be/XSkbM0Ijl-g). They didn’t failed us. The concert, the lights and the crowd were amazing. And the best part is that the music was so good that even the small ones liked it.Image

 I am glad that I didn’t miss this concert. Sorry for the quality of the photos, they were taken with my phone.

And i took a video for you to see how the homeless was rocking on ROA music :


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