The Job

Because this is the first post that is going to tell you something about me, I’m going to start with were i work. A student has to pay his debts.

I’m  a IT consultant in a shop that is in Baneasa Shopping City in Bucharest. We sell all kind of stuff, from computers and phones to tablets routers and sound speakers.

The job isn’t that great because of the people that you interact with. This job made me realise that the people in this country are stupid and they buy stuff only beacause it’s considered cool. The products that we sell are design to look good and be easy to use, so that the americans can used it without any headache. Belive it or not, this people don’t know how to use them. It’s incredible. One day someone called to ask how to turn it off. The obvious question is : “Why did you buy it, if you don’t know what to do with it?”.

And belive it or not, that is not the worst part. The worst part is the road to work, because the people are so eager to come to the mall, that they come with and half an our before the mall’s opens. I understand that you want to buy stuff, but wait for the f**king mall to open. We (the people that are working in the mall) don’t have how to get in time at work because the bus is full with people that are coming to the mall to hang out, annoying teenagers and stincking old people. If you are old, why would you come to the mall? Make an 40 min road in a full bus with a incredible hot weather. I just can’t understand. The death is searching for them at home and they are shopping at the mall.


My country is incredible and so are the people that populate it.


Here is a photo from my working place before opening:Image

(ps: The people can’t enter the mall before it opens)


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