Oppesite of FAILS

I did a post about what the internet would be without the fails videos. It would be a bit boring. But there is also a part of the internet videos that can amaze you.

We always have laught about the people that didn’t do exactly what they expected. And we have to thank that friend that always was there to get those moments on camera. But this post isn’t about that people. This post is about that people that had theirs mind on something impossible and made that thing possible.

I want you to think about that athletes (amateur or profesional) that made you think about starting doing that sport or I want to try that. Those videos that amazed you and made you say “I want to do that” or “WOW, how did he do that?!”.

I wanted to take some minutes of my life and thank those people for making the internet a funnier and interesting place. Keep on being incredible.

To uphold my words I put this videos :



Thank you awesome reader for taking the time to read this post!


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