What to do when you are bored in a supermarket

My wife always insists on accompanying her for shopping. Unfortunately she likes to prowl article by article, while I get bored quickly.

Then I say I’m going a minute to the electronics district (totally useless in her opinion) and possibly meet me at the house or in the driveway. But yesterday I received the following letter home from Carrefour

“Dear Ms. Y, the last six months your husband caused serious disruptions in our store activity. We can not tolerate his behavior and we have to prohibit your access to Carrefour. Our complaints against your husband, Mr. Y, are listed below and are supported by video recordings:

1. January. February 15:He took 24 boxes on the shelf of condoms and randomly put them in shopping carts of other customers, taking advantage of their carelessness.

2. February. February 23 He made all the alarms clocks in the district ‘Homewares’ sound every five minutes.

3. March 6th floor Made a trail of tomato sauce to the front door of the ladies’ room.

4. April. March 11 He told a cashier on an official tone, ‘Code Yellow in the vegetables district. Go there immediately. ” That prompted the employee to leave our designated station and therefore receive a reprimand letter from his supervisor, which led to a strike organized by the union that cost management at the company time and money.

5. May. March 25 He blocked the rate office for an hour, requesting the opening of a contract for a bag of M & M.

6. June. April 2 moved the sign “Caution! Wet floor! ‘ a carpeted area.

7. July. April 12 in the district staged a tent ‘Camping’ and invited other buyers children to bring  pillows and blankets from the district ‘Sheets’ to spend the weekend together. 22 children responded positively to the offer.

8. August. April 26 When an employee asked if he could help him he began crying and screaming ‘Why can not people just leave me alone?’, Caused many buyers to immediately call 112 and the arrival of three ambulances.

9. September. June 2, He looked into a camera lens and used it as a mirror while picking his nose.

10. June 16 while investigating a hunting rifle in the district ‘Weapons’ asked the seller where you can find antidepressants.

11. June 24 He was moved stealthily through the shelves of the store while humming loudly enough to be heard exciting theme of ‘Mission Impossible’.

12. June 30 He was hidden in the clothes from a stander, and when other buyers emerged to see merchandise, he shout ‘Boo!’

13. August 6 He opened all the boxes of pens and pencils from the stationery rayon, trying all the blue colors and tearing the tops of the pencils, under the pretext that none has the blue shade of the period crossed by Mr..

14. August 19 When we had an announcement to the amplifier of the store, he crouched on the floor in the fetal position screaming ‘Oh, no! I hear those voices again! “

15. And, on August 20 last unacceptable behavior that prompted us to prohibit your access to Carrefour through this letter, he went into a dressing room and after a while, shouted very loudly “Hey! No toilet paper in this cabin! ” This caused the fainting of our employee of the district.

Sincerely, X Manager Carrefour


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